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Catering Division:

Some Options below to compile the menu of your choice.

  • NIBBLE MAIN COURSES LABOUR RATES (service charge, host supplying food)
    Peanuts and Raisins Roast Beef Labour includes the Supplying of:
    Chocolates Leg of Lamb Juice
    Dinner Mints Crumbed Chicken Ice Cream
    Chevra Butter Chicken Centre Piece
    Salty Biscuits and Dip Mutton Curry Table Cloths & Organza Runners
    Hawaiian Mix Chicken or Mutton Breyani Crockery & Cutlery
    Mebos Akeni Dummy Wedding Cake
    Crisps Seafood Paella Red Carpet
    STARTER (Placed on the Table) Prawn Curry Guests Price Per Person
    Soups Saucy Chicken 100  
    Spring Rolls Mafroo 150  
    Samoosas Denning Meat 200  
    Sausage Rolls Chicken Snitzels 300  
    Cottage Pies(Chicken/Mince) SIDES 400  
    Half Moons Potatoes 500  
    Steak Delights Veg, Peas carrots 600  
    Pittas (Chicken/Steak) Cocktail Rolls 700  
    Pies(Mince/Chicken/Steak) Salads 800  
    Croissants (Chicken/Steak) Naan Rolls 900  
    Cocktail Roti Rice 1000  
    Hake and Salad Dhay  
    Stir-fry (Steak /Chicken) DESSERTS (Buffet)  
    Shrimp Cocktail Cakes and Pudding For full catering feel free to contact Us for a Quotation
    Mock Crayfish DESSERT( Individual Servings)
    Tuna Pate Pavlovas  
    Tropical Chicken Salad Full Cream Ice Cream and Nuts  
      Sponge Cake and Custard  
      Fancies and Tea  
      DESSERT( Served in Bowls)  
      Fruit Salad  
      Malaysian Pudding  
      Chocolate Mouse  
      Fruit Juice  
      Grape Tisers  
      Soft Drinks