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Hiring Division: Operations Manager, Rameez Adams

    Crockery(White) Rands Cents   Crockery(Glassware) Rands Cents
    Dinner Plates     Budget Range    
    Side Plates     Dinner Plates    
    Bread/Dessert Plate     Side Plates    
    Cups & Saucers     Cake Stands    
    Sweet/Dessert Bowls     Sweet Bowls    
    Soup Bowls     Cups & Saucers    
    Curry/Rice Bowls     Veg Bowls (Medium)    
    Platters (Large)     Dip Bowls    
    Platters (Medium)     Triffle /Curry Bowls    
    Veg Bowls     Buffet Bowls (XL)    
    Milk Jug     Baskets (S/Steel)    
    Salad Bowl(Shallow)     Platters    
    Tea Pots (s/steel)     Goblet (Dessert)    
    Tea Pots (White)     Dividers    
    Cutlery     Water Jugs    
    Knives     Milk Jugs    
    Forks     GLASSES ( Not for Alcohol )    
    Dessert Spoons     Flute Stem    
    Tea Spoons     Round Stem(Chatworth)    
    Serving/Dishing Spoons     Round Stem(Cocktail)    
    Soup Spoons     Hiball    
    Cake/Dessert Forks     Tumbler    
    Carving Knife/Fork     Furniture    
    Linen- Decor     Trestle Table    
    Round Table Cloths (Med)     Round Table (10 Seater)    
    Round Table Cloths (Large)     Benches    
    Rectangular Table Cloths     Chairs (White Plastic)    
    Over layers     Miscellaneous    
    Organza Runners     Soup Toureens    
    Frills     Soup Ladels    
    Porcelain Vase     Pots (60 Litres)    
    Floating Bowls     Large Pan    
    Vases     Gas Stove -1 x Burner    
    Candle Stick     Gas Stove -2 x Burner    
    Candelabra Large     Gas Stove -3 x Burner    
    Candelabra Small     Hot Plates    
    Fruit Horn     Bain Marie-Large    
    Bread Basket     Bain Marie-Medium    
    Salad Tong     Chafing Dish + 2X Gel    
    Red Carpet     Wooden Spoon (Large)    
    Chair Covers Colanders Large    
    Tie Backs     Juice Drum (200 Litre)    
    Many Other Decor Pieces on request Basins Plastic Large    
          Wooden Tray (800X600)    
    Classy Crockery     Trolley ( 2 Tiers)    
    Triangle/ Square Plates, etc Available on request Urn    
    We deliver and Collect, as well as Boland, Swartland and Helderberg. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE